Cosmic Journey PC Live Wallpaper

Interactive desktop live wallpaper for Windows 10.

If you are a fan of deep space then this live wallpaper is for you.

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This time we have a small project for you that presents a flight through an infinite universe. In this wallpaper, you will see galaxy clusters, constellations, lonely stars and black matter.

Of course, we give you many sliders, thanks to which you can adjust the flight to your requirements.


Options to manage the scenes – change speed, intensity and many more.

Task menu – Open the menu and manage the wallpaper from the taskbar.

Add your own text and logotype – Type your own text. Upload own logotype (JPG, PNG) and place them where you want.

Clock – Set a custom clock with many fonts to choose. Also, you can change the time format.

Low CPU usage – The wallpaper is built as a shader, based on GPU calculations.

Start with the system – if you want, the wallpaper will start together with your Windows.

Automatic pause when you play normal games – to give you 100% power for your games, the wallpaper will automatically stop when it detects the game in full screen. It will come back to itself when you turn off the game.

Pause button – need 100% power of your PC for rendering? tests? or something else? Press the button to pause the wallpaper.

Multi, wide, 4K screens support – You can choose one of the screens or extend the wallpaper to all screens. In the menu, you can change the width of effects to the number of screens. Works smoothly at 4K on mid-range GPU!

Multi-language menu – Translated half by our users (thanks 😀 ) half by Google Translator. Please, let me know if something is wrong. Sorry ;D

Low cost – cost of burger or drink ;D

This project was possible thanks to your support on previous projects. It showed us that it makes sense to create more interesting ones despite the considerable costs or competition that copies our projects. Our experience and your support work wonders and strength to continue to do so. Thank you very much for your support. Each comment, post, mail allows us to meet interesting people from all over the world. Something amazing!

Further projects are being developed … it means hard times for us but we are well organized and work on projects is moving forward every day.

3D wallpapers require standard Windows 10 visual settings.