Endless Universe 2

3D Interactive desktop live wallpaper for Windows 10.

Create your spaceship, explore and be ready for the battles! Every visited place or the visible planet will be unique. You will never see the same wallpaper.

The most advanced PC live wallpaper for Windows 10 in the universe! Do you want to try?
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This time we wanted to show you our new Endless Universe 2 PC Live Wallpaper project in which you’ll be able to explore the universe.

At your disposal is an autonomous spaceship that you can freely configure by choosing special modules and their positions.

Space is big but also dangerous. Arming the ship will allow you to defend yourself and attack when you meet an enemy spaceship. It is worth to look at our ship to repair the parts that were damaged during the space battle. A non-repaired ship can quickly be destroyed by an enemy spaceship.

Main features:

– Procedurally generated universe. Each visited place will be unique.
– Procedurally generated planets. Every planet will be unique.
– Procedurally generated cameras. Every view will be unique.
– Autonomous spaceship to explore the universe.
– A modular constructor of a spaceship. A comprehensive system of editing and arming.
– Space battles. Autonomous and very effective fights in space.
– A very effective system. It does not affect your PC.
– Include “Game Mode” feature to minimize wallpaper when you play normal games.
– Future updates…any ideas?

Multi-screen Users:

The wallpaper must cover all available screens. Because of this, your spaceship can be on the edges and some menu items are not visible because they will be outside the screens. However, it is possible to set the horizontal three screens so that the spaceship will be in the middle and the menu will be on the side screens. Then you can change the FOV in the options to match the size of the ship and the background.

4K Screen Users:
Wallpaper will run at maximum resolution 4K. Higher resolution can affect the performance of your computer. However, I have a 4K screen and the performance drop is insignificant.

As it is a 3D application it must take its own. We have this in mind and therefore maintaining low demand is our priority. Endless Universe also appears on mobile devices (Android) and works great on medium class mobiles. The wallpaper also has graphics settings so you can limit some effects.

How Do Interactive Wallpapers Work?
Interactive wallpaper works just like a normal game, but it is displayed under icons and windows of the Windows system. The wallpaper is active all the time so that you always have a unique view. Unlike standard “flat” wallpapers, this one will always be something else. A 3D environment posed for interaction, which allows you to influence its appearance.

Can I Play Games With This Wallpaper?
We recommend using the “Game Mode” feature to minimize the wallpaper while playing normal games. Thanks to this wallpaper will not use CPU and GPU. Unfortunately, at the present moment, it is not possible to automate this process.

How to Turn Off This Wallpaper?:
Use “Options” icon to run Settings. Inside the menu use “EXIT” button.

How to Disconnect With Steam?:
When you use this wallpaper and a normal Steam game you might want to disconnect wallpaper with Steam to use chat or other features. To do this you have to select Endless Universe 2, “Properties” in your Steam Library. Please uncheck “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game”.

Project Updates
Of course, the project will be developed in the future. If you have interesting ideas, we will discuss them with pleasure. Please note that the wallpaper has its limitations like the use of CPU, GPU or project size.